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Instructional Areas


Class rooms are located in highly aerated place and surrounded by the trees. Class Rooms are well furnished and equipped with Computer and LCD Projector. The environment of the Institute is a cluster of minimalistic structure in the midst of the trees shrubs and well laid out a lawn which provides a serene ambience to the campus.



English is a language of opportunities and it plays vital role in securing desirable employment. Accuracy and fluency in the use of language are very essential. Technology aided learning has started and playing a significant role in the pursuit of language learning. Our English language lab is equipped with CLARITY English software which enables our students to enrich four essential skills of language learning such as Listening , Speaking , Reading and Writing . The software can be used independently and a self-monitoring feedback system is also available for the users to assess their performance.



Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped for conducting Chemistry practical to I year B.Tech students.

The chemistry laboratory has equipments such as

  1. Conductivity Meter
  2. pH Meter
  3. Spectrophotometer
  4. Flame Photometer
  5. Potentiometer
  6. oltra-Sonicator
  7. Tubolar Furnace
  8. Muffle Furnace
  9. UV Chamber
  10. Hot Air Oven attached with Incubator
  11. Refrigerator
  12. Suction Motor Pump
  13. Sufficient Glassware’s and apparatus



The dyeing lab is well equipped with water baths for dyeing practice and laboratory models of Roto Dyer (to dye 18 samples at a time) , Hand operated padding mangle, High temperature High Pressure beaker dyeing m/c, Hydro extractor, Winch dyeing m/c, Beam dyeing m/c, Padding, Dyeing & Thermo fixation m/c i.e. stente, Soft over flow dyeing m/c, Lab jigger, Lab Winch, to train the students individually as well as in groups so as to gain through knowledge in preparatory and dyeing process. The students will also study the effect of temperature pH and time with respect to the dyeing process using different classes of dyeing. The printing lab is equipped with number of wooden blocks, screens to train the students individually in printing cloth samples by using different styles of printing.

The Students are also trained in various techniques such as Tie and dye, Batik, Kalamkari, Stencil, Spray and Metallic Prints, with various classes of dyes on different type of material.The students prepare record of their dyed and printed samples of yarn and fabrics respectively with recipes and procedures.The Processing lab has two sections namely Dyeing lab & printing lab.The basic operation of processing , Dyeing and finishing process were carried out in dyeing lab. It is provided with sufficient water pipe line , gas pipe line & with lab. m/c-s along with manual operations.